Friday, October 19, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Friendship {October 2012}

I am entering this image for the I Heart Faces "Friendship" Photo Challenge this month. It's my daughter with her friend/future husband. You can't tell from the image but we didn't pose them - Liam took Isabella's hand and they strolled that way, a few steps in front of us, pointing things out to each other and sharing secret conversation. They may not remember this moment years from now but thankfully, I had my camera and was able to take a few cute pictures. I love how you can see just how smitten Liam is!

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Friendship {October 2012}


  1. I really like the depth of field in this picture!

  2. Hello Blaire,

    Cute photo, I hope you win the challenge. I'm Carissa and I nominated for The Liebster Blog Award, it's an award for bloggers given by other bloggers. For more information about the award please stop by my website for any questions.



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