About Me

Why is this part always so hard? Let's see...I'm Blaire Elizabeth, a photographer coming to you from Northern Virginia but born and raised on Long Island, NY. In fact, Second Ave is a street in a small town called Medford where my grandfather lived. He was a photographer with a dark-room in his basement and that is where I first remember falling in love with all things photography.
I love a good cup of coffee. I enjoy baking from scratch and singing loudly in the car. Some would call me clumsy...some would be correct. I'm an avid scuba diver and total beach bum and believe Loudoun County would be perfect if it just had an ocean nearby.
I moved to Northern Virginia from Long Island in 2006 and settled into Leesburg in 2008. I am first and foremost a SAHM with my two beautiful and sweet little girls. I live with my wonderful husband, a little white cat, a sable German Shepherd and a German Shepherd/Pug mix - all rescues, including my husband.
My husband bought me my first dSLR after I gave birth to our first daughter, and my passion just got a little out of control. I already always had my point-and-shoot in-hand, and then I became obsessed with taking pictures of everything - but not just regular pictures. I wanted pictures with blurry backgrounds; perfectly crisp, clear subjects; and fancy editing. I wanted to learn everything I could about my new camera and all of the new things I could do with it. Which brings us to today.  
I shoot modern portraiture and lifestyle sessions with natural, available light. Sessions with me are fun and laid back. I don't take myself too seriously. Clients are often relieved with how "patient" I am - you should know, it is not easy to ruffle my feathers, and the more challenging your kids are, the better ;)
I also volunteer with local animal rescues to photograph adoptables as well as an organization called Preemie Prints - photographing babies in the NICU. 
I take sessions both in Loudoun County and on Long Island (as we're there every few months.) I'm also willing to drive to other areas - just ask. 
Take a moment to join my email list, won't you? I promise not to spam you - I'd just love to share this adventure with you.



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