Thursday, August 16, 2012

Please send reinforcements.

My daughter will be two on September 7th. Back in mid-July we converted her crib to a toddler bed, and have gone the last month or so without any issues. In fact, her sleeping was better than ever - she wasn't as restless and was sleeping 11 to 12 hours overnight, and sometimes more. "Why didn't we think of this sooner?" I would ask myself as I rolled out of bed at 10am.

Today, we have entered the "sneak out of your crib and play quietly in the loft until I accidentally set off a loud toy and Mama hears me" phase.

Nap time in our house is from about 1-3pm. She normally plays for a couple of minutes while she settles in, but then sleeps for a full two hours or so. Nap time has always been relatively drama-free. Sadly, naps this week have been steadily decreasing and yesterday's only lasted an hour. Today, she's not even trying.

After a long 10 minutes of bringing her back to her bed and waiting for her to get out and bringing her back again, I took her to our bed and lied down with her. Genius, I thought. I'll wait till she falls asleep and then sneak out. Surely, this must work for other parents?

Isabella and I lie facing each other, our bottom arms tucked under our heads for support. She was closing her eyes and pointing to mine, so I closed one and looked at her from the other. There's no harm in a quiet nap time game, is there? Plus, she thought it was hysterical that I only closed the eye she was poking. Until she decided it wasn't funny anymore and slapped me on the cheek with all she had. "Sweet dreams, Isabella," I told her, as I climbed out of bed and closed the door behind me.

All was quiet for nearly 15 minutes, and I assumed my plan worked. I snuck back in, armed with pillows to put on the floor should she make the three-ish-foot plunge and my camera (of course.)  What did I find? Not a sleeping Isabella.

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Turns out she thought it would be a great time to take off her diaper, moisturize, and apply baby powder.

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And she's feeling mighty proud of herself.

It is now 2:45 and I am waving the white flag; Isabella is downstairs on the chaise watching Ice Age and eating peanut butter on toast.

Please send reinforcements. And coffee. Lots of coffee.


  1. Oh my gosh Blaire! She she is cute, eh? I am sure you weren't thinking cute when you found this at the time. Can't wait to see you guys again soon. Maybe this working mama can fit some time in on my way home from work next week?

    1. Yes, we definitely should get together soon! We're excited for you to come to her party. Let me know when you're free on your way home and maybe we can meet at the playground?

  2. She is so adorable! Haha, and it sounds like she's a handful. :]

    1. Thank you!! And yes, she is, but in a super adorable way :)

  3. I adore her curls! Isn't it funny how sometimes silence can be celestial, and sometimes it signals disaster?


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