Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | Pet Faces {August 2012}

Meet Finn; he is our 5 year old German Shepherd/Pug mix. Yes, you read that right. And to answer your next question, the pug was the mama. The couple we got him from were pug breeders who also had a GSD they showed so he couldn't be neutered. So while it was no surprise when the pug got knocked up, they were a bit thrown off when she gave birth to these little monsters they call "Shugs." :)

Finn is the sweetest dog you could ever meet, but he is 60 pounds of maniac. I was interested in joining a support group for Shug owners but if you google Shug Dog, the only results are of OUR Finn! Who knows what happened to the other seven puppies??

This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com


  1. great, expressive photo! and what an interesting combination! it really made for a beautiful cross breed.

  2. Great story and love the expression! Looks like he's smiling and is quite happy to be a Shug!

  3. hi there! joining you from Kim's Fan Friday!


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