Thursday, August 2, 2012

Massachusetts Trip

Today I returned home from four days away with my husband - our very first mommy/daddy trip without our daughter. It was so hard to leave her but it was really nice to get away. We had an awesome visit to the Sam Adams Brewery, I highly recommend it if you're in the area. Not to mention...the museum in Salem happened to have an incredible Ansel Adams exhibit that I thoroughly enjoyed :)

Salem, MA

Marblehead, MA

Lighthouse on an Island in Gloucester, MA

The highlight of the trip was whale watching - the crew at Cape Ann were awesome, and it was a seriously successful trip - 3 different species (humpback, minky, and Finn) and 6 whales in all. 
Whale Watching with Cape Ann Whale Watchers

Puritan cemetery in Salem, MA
Lighthouse in Salem, MA

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- B.

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