Sunday, July 21, 2013

project 52 of 2013 | bokeh

Our challenge this week was "bokeh" - that delightful blur that comes as the result of a shallow depth of field. My aperture was set to f/5.6 for this as I was busy taking my younger daughter's one-month pictures - and just happened to see this opportunity with Izzy - so I added a cute bokeh overlay by Ginny Haupert to give it some flair. Not normally my style but I figured it worked this time because, if I'm being honest, I actually forgot about our challenge.

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Next, please hop over to Valerie Rice and check out her "bokeh" image.


  1. She is so super adorable. I love her outfit and her hair. :)

  2. I have actually used bokeh overlay before too. A very cute picture and you just winged it this week! This overlay works for her and it is not over powering.

  3. What a cutie! I've never heard of a bokeh overlay... I need to see what that's about!


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