Friday, May 10, 2013

A Lesson in Irony

Do you know what this is?

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This is a very low-quality iPhone photo of my once thriving Woodland Sunflower plant.

Let me take you back to every year we've lived in our home since 2009. We have a million rabbits in our yard at any given time, and at some point, one of them got the genius idea to build her nest every spring in our fenced-in backyard. You may already know that we have dogs - a German Shepherd and a German Shepherd mix. I did not anticipate the bunnies to be a problem. I thought for sure, at the very least, our dogs would run the mama bunny out of our yard and that would be that. But no. They love the baby bunnies. They cuddle them when they escape from the nest; they protect them. It's not that I ever wanted our dogs to hurt the bunnies - but perhaps, a little chasing is not too much to ask for??

This brings me up to today's lesson. You see, this year my husband and I decided to set aside some money and plant some prettyful plants in the sunny side yard. Of the six plants only one Woodland Sunflower was truly thriving - it had grown over a foot tall in a matter of weeks. Now, we know that our dogs will not run off bunnies. And apparently, they were very hungry yesterday. Do you know which plant the bunnies decided to eat? My thriving Woodland Sunflower. And only that one.

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