Sunday, March 17, 2013

project 52 of 2013 | green

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

A few days ago, I shared pictures with you from our trip to Pennsylvania last weekend. If you missed it, you can check it out here. I mentioned that we stopped in Gettysburg on our way home and shared a handful of pictures of my favorite monument with you - the Irish Brigade.

Standing alone in the woods is a large, beautifully carved celtic cross with a life-sized Irish Wolfhound laying at its base. Supposedly it is quite haunted, and when we stopped to take pictures of it this green flare kept appearing only when I included the Wolfhound in my shot. Even more interesting is that the flare moves in my other images, even though I hadn't changed compositions (I tried to retake the same shot when I saw the flare on my display). I'll leave it up to you to decide what it is. Regardless, I felt this couldn't be a more appropriate image for our theme this week.

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You're probably here from Michele's blog. Now hop over to Nancy's blog and see her "green" image :)


  1. Oh wow that is just beautiful and combined with the sun flare its just perfection!

  2. Lovely shot Blaire! I love sun flare images:)

  3. THat is a great shot! Love the sun flare!

  4. Love the sun flare! Hmm..... Very interesting about the green flare. Makes you wonder??

  5. Great meaningful image! Interesting with the green flare!

  6. Oh, neat! I would have never guessed this was in the US. It's gorgeous. And, I'm a flare lover, so i love backlit images like this :)

  7. oooh. that is cool. the irish wolfhound kind of makes me sad. the haunted story is intriguing though.

  8. I can't even watch scary movies anymore b/c I'm chicken...I wud have RAN LIKE A WILD BOAR....giggle....


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